3 Areas 
That Can Change Your Life!


  • Struggle with connecting Spiritually on a consistent basis
  • Are tired of making New Years Resolutions that you never keep
  • Secretly wish you could have a different body
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    Feel as though your emotions have a mind of their own
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    Have a hard time opening up without feeling criticized 
  • Have contemplated "Going Green" but don't know where to start
  • Are open to Healthier Home Product Options 
  • Have finally surrendered to the fact that you need help
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    Struggle DAILY trying to create additional streams of income
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    Know there is something deeper for your life & you want it  

What Exactly Is  The Transformation & Wellness Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp is a HALF-DAY event that strives to TEACH women about Transformation & Wellness as well as PROVIDE SOLUTIONS for the areas they are struggling in! 

Check out the 3 Areas that I focus on during this event below...

Spiritual Clarity & Growth

Having a sound spiritual base is VITALLY important in establishing a foundation for transformation. For this area of wellness, we work from my Transformu360 Wellness Guide, which is included as well! 

Physical Transformation Solutions

It is my goal to help you LOVE what you see when you look in the mirror. Bottom Line.  I can hep you because I AM YOU! I have TONS of personal solutions to share with you that are exclusive to this event! 

Emotional Management Tools

We are going to KICK the bad emotions in the gut and take the time to discover ways that you can get CONTROL over them! Once and for all. The days of the "roller coaster" emotions are over!

I created this Bootcamp because I wanted to give YOU what was NOT given to me. 

As women we have to learn how to help others! So...God gave me this Bootcamp....for YOU! 

And I am SO excited to host you for a half day. 


  • Women from all walks of life looking for help  
  • Women looking for help Spiritually, Physically & Emotionally  
  • Women who are committed to follow through 
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    Women who need help from start to finish & are ready to get started 
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    Women who need step by step instructions  
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    Women who need a group of women to connect to & learn from 
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    Women who don't have a big budget but are 100% committed 


  • A Personal Copy of My Transformation & Wellness Guide  
  • Discounted prices for The Spiritual Detox Journal & Workbook   
  • 30 Days of FREE Access to The Spiritual Detox 90 Day Online Program 
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    Access to My Private Facebook "TransformU360" Wellness Group 
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     Emotional Management Techniques
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     A LIVE Praise & Worship Experience led by Stephanie
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     A "Mini" Workout Session at the end of the event (wear comfy clothing)
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    Special Rates for Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening & Cosmetic Services 
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    Meal Plan & 6 Week Weight Loss Program Access

What Others Say


Stephanie's events & Programs are always life changing and challenging! She makes us DO THE WORK and has personally helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. It's a great place to start your transformation journey! 

Tiamoiya Lee Non-Profit Director


If you are looking for a "safe" place to connect with other women and experience real change....then you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Stephanie is bold, genuine, raw at times, but most importantly...she's highly effective! 

Kath E. Reg / Psychotherapist


Who said Christian women can't be physically fit and CHOOSE to take care of their temples? If you struggle with how you look physically then you have found the PERFECT person to help you find the "New You"! 

Tashia Williams / Event Planner

Here's What YOU Need to Bring...

1. A Composition or Spiral Notebook

2. A Pen to Write With (We will be doing a lot of writing)

3. Comfy Clothes / Active Wear (Feel free to wear them)

Stephanie L. Wilson

Hi There! I am Stephanie Wilson, The Founder of "TransfromU360" & my calling in life is to help women just like you experience transformation. While that might seem boring or vague...let me assure you it's not! Helping other people reach their full potential is really an "all hands on deck" type of situation. (Between you & me...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT)!

I started leading and teaching over 15 years ago, but in the last 5 years or so, I have been on my own personal journey of transformation.  Little did I know God was setting me up to make an even more valuable impact on the lives of other women. 

I have my BS in Business Management and my MBA in Project Management. I also have 20 years experience as a Single Mom and have had multiple streams of income since I was 13 years old. I have traveled the United States singing and encouraging people through music and  play 3 instruments. But the thing that truly makes me qualified is rather simple: 

I am called by God to do this work & it would be my honor to help you get where you want to be! 




Exclusive Content. Real Work. Real Results. 
Let's Get YOU Transformed!

  • Half-Day Engaging Event
  • Light Snacks & Fellowship
  • LIVE Praise & Worship
  • LIVE Workout Session (Line Dance)
  • Engaging Exercises & Content

**Location will be disclosed to each attendee upon Registration

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